Selecting Fine Art

Selecting Fine Art is a process. It’s a journey. It’s collaboration. It’s an art.

Nicole Henry Fine Art helps clients looking to build collections of important fine art. We cater to knowledgeable collectors as well as those making their first venture into the world of art. Nicole Henry Fine Art is dedicated to all aspects of you. Every client has a different story to tell, a different vision to impart, a different view to express. We learn your story. We learn about your space. We learn about what you love and don’t love. Then, Nicole Henry Fine Art helps you find the art that tells the story you want to share, invoke, or inspire… in your space through your art. Each piece is specifically curated to fit an esthetic need while making a solid investment. Our service provides unique access to art expertise and is tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Nicole Henry Fine Art provides knowledge, experience, and impartial advice to high net worth individuals, financial institutions, corporations and museums. We service an international client base providing expert advice on all areas of the art collection process.

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