The ARTFUL Journey of Purchasing art…. three important tips:

1. Pause and Connect.

Most of us know there are some things you cannot put into words—feelings you have, heights and depths you cannot articulate, and the reasons why you connect with one art piece over another. Many of my clients have shared that when they pause and connect with an art piece, in many ways it is like falling in love. There is often a magical feeling and knowing. Just like love. This is why it is important for an art consultant to pause and connect personally with their client. Choose an art consultant who asks you questions and wants to know more about you and your tastes before they introduce you to the art pieces. It’s a journey. Don’t go on the journey with someone who doesn’t pause and connect with you. Don’t go on the journey with someone who doesn’t understand the connection that is made with just the right art piece. It doesn’t always have to be talked about; it is felt. It is love.

2. Vast and Valuable.

The art world is vast; art is valuable. Work with an art professional who knows the current market values of the art. Ask about provenance to make sure you have the correct documentation on the pieces you are purchasing. Make sure there is no lien on the art and that it has a free title. Always check out the condition of the piece to ensure the art work is not devalued by any damage. This may seem like common sense, but when you fall in love with a piece, you don’t want to over-look value. You get it. Pause, connect and love the art piece — then, get the facts!

3. High Stakes.

Today art is considered an alternative investment. Do your homework. Check out the art consultant/professional’s background. What’s the history and reputation of the Gallery? Are they involved with any lawsuits? Is the dealer up to date on current markets and trends? Plain and simple — do your homework before your begin the journey. Once you feel confident that you have chosen the right person, begin to create the collection of your dreams. Fall in love with your art and the artful journey of purchasing the perfect pieces for you.

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